Open Thread – Did You Survive The iPocalypse?


Friday’s iPhone launch caused quite the buzz as thousands braved long lines and multi-hour waits only to walk away with unactivated phones, or no phone at all. Similarly, upgrades to the new software left many 1st Gen users without phone service as well.

Sure there were jokes, but there was also much anger and many questions. How could Apple have botched this so badly? If this was any other company, would the reactions have been different?

By the end of the day, it seemed that things were settling down and reviews of new apps were replacing the angered tweets, at least in my Twitter stream. Ed: Saturday saw smoother activation, but still long lines. Took this blog editor 3 hours in line to snag one at a New Jersey Apple Store.

But let’s open it up to you. Did you get your new iPhone this weekend? Was it worth it?

Our own Om Malik shared his unboxing experience. Tell us about yours.

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