Microsoft’s Arc Mouse- full sized yet portable

Arc_mouse_teaserYou may have thought that we’d pretty much seen all the innovation we could see in the area of portable mice but Microsoft has proven they are not giving up on this space.  They have just announced the Microsoft Arc Mouse and I must say they have hit all the right buttons to make this a winner.  From the moment you first see the Arc you want one based on its sexy lines and the fact that it’s a full-sized mouse that folds almost in half for transport which makes you want one even more.  It is hard to tell how good the Arc will feel in the hands without trying one out but it looks like it would be very comfortable due to the curving lines and raised surface.  The fact that it comes in black or red also makes it a nice shiny object of lust. Microsoft says this will be available later this year for $60.

(via Maximum PC)


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