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iPhoto 7.1.4 soon?

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Coming soon?

So a little earlier I was filling out a support request form for MobileMe because when I try to send invitations to friends for my MobileMie Web Gallery, Mail spits back a MobileMe promo page, minus the CSS layout. While filling out the form, I ran across a reference to iPhoto 7.1.4. Perusing the iPhoto support site indicates that iPhoto 7.1.3 is still the current version. I guess it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing an update soon; my guess is that it will improve compatibility with MobileMe.

2 Responses to “iPhoto 7.1.4 soon?”

  1. Adam R.T. Smith

    I would expect a full iLife for Mobile Me update soon. I’ve had issues publishing iWeb pages (updates are posted, but iWeb doesn’t think it worked) since the upgrade to Mobile Me on Apple’s side.

    Also – in most of the Mobile Me instruction videos, the web gallery icon in iPhoto is actually the Mobile Me icon… thought that the Mobile Me updater would correct this, but it looks like we still need to wait for an iLife updater for full iLife integration…