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Yahoo Rejects New Offer From Icahn And Microsoft; Says: ‘Just Buy Us Already For $33 Per Share’

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An oddly timed announcement indeed… or not, given that the initial deal fell through on a Saturday evening. In a just-released statement, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) says on Friday it received a partial offer from Carl Icahn and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), that would involve the sale of the search business to Microsoft, while handing over the rest of the company to Carl Icahn. The company claims it was given a less-than 24-hour ultimatum, which would explain the timing of this announcement. What the company clearly wants is a full sale. The sub-headline of the release is even: Yahoo! Suggests Microsoft Make A Proposal To Acquire Whole Company. Of course, Yahoo has said a few times lately that it’s now willing to sell at that $33 price, but that Microsoft won’t revisit that offer. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this announcement is that it’s the first time Carl Icahn has endorsed a plan that doesn’t start with the goal of an outright sale. In fact, as Yahoo points out in the release, Icahn previous trashed the idea of a partial search deal with Microsoft, calling it a poison pill that eliminated Microsoft’s need to buy the whole thing. It seems that Icahn has adjusted to a new reality. Release.

This evening the company reiterates a number of familiar points. Namely, it believes its new Google (NSDQ: GOOG) deal is superior, and that the Microsoft/Icahn plan doesn’t offer shareholders adequate value, etc. It also calls it “absurd and irresponsible” that Microsoft and Icahn would negotiate plans for the future of the company without engaging Yahoo management, despite the complexity.

The big question: So Microsoft and Icahn gave Yahoo less than 24 hours to accept this offer, but what’s the consequence for rejecting it? Do they have a Plan B (or is it C)? Or is it just more back and forth press releases before the shareholder meeting?

4 Responses to “Yahoo Rejects New Offer From Icahn And Microsoft; Says: ‘Just Buy Us Already For $33 Per Share’”

  1. Jerry Yang and the board should have embraced the $33/share offerred in May. Instead they scoffed at it and put in the "poison pill" employee program to guarentee notbody would buy them out.

    1. With this employee program in place, the company isn't nearly worth $33/share to MS.

    2. Exodus of Yahoo executive and inovative staff is developing ie Flicker

    How is this management looking after "the best interest in the stockholder" as Yahoo's board, President, and exectutive councel tout??

    It will be YEARS before this company will be worth $33/share under this program, and that is IF everything goes really really well.

    Good Luck to Yahoo Stockholders,

    You are going to need it.


  2. These are all games. Yahoo is a company that should be broken up, and there is an easier way to do it: let the Santa Monica offices piece be sold to a media company, and let Microsoft or ICahn or anyone else take the rest. It is obvious the only growth engines left in Yahoo are its media assets.

  3. sugiarto setiabudi

    There is no wrong of Yahoo decision,but there is wrong in colloborating between Carl Icahn and Microsoft (Steve ballmer) regarding "illegal hostile take over" of Yahoo .
    Carl Icahn and Steve Ballmer should be held personally liable in abusing securities market ,due to Carl Icahn has long position of Yahoo shares..