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iPod Touch Software Upgrade Finally Available

That’s right, you plug in your iPod and hit the update button. If you have been obsessively punching update only to be frustrated all day, now is the time to stay up much later than you had planned and play. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “iPod Touch Software Upgrade Finally Available”

  1. well i have a question though…. does ur itunes go away if u update or do u need to put ur music files back in to the itunes .. so in other words .. does ur itunes all go blank and have no music files? please give me a respond as soon as possible.. thnx ^^v

  2. I did the update. Took a while for it to put my music all back on there but ever since I’ve downloaded ONLY free apps and I am VERY entertained.

    Everyone out there who has this whether you’re an iPod Touch owner or an iPhone owner: GET Aurora Feint. GREAT time killer. Great game. Completely free. It’s web based though so if you’re on an iPod touch you’ll wanna make sure you’re near a wi-fi network.

  3. I did the update to 2.0 and all my files where gone!
    so besure to back up before updating!

    luckely i have a backup of my files, but it’s gonna take me a lot of time…