Weekend Vid Picks: iPhone 3G’s Day of Drama


Anyone with a Twitter feed knows that Friday was a day of woe for iPhone devotees, as the launch of the 3G, along with major upgrades for old-school iPhones, has seen its share of bugs.

First off — were you even able to get one? Or was this almost-pornographic video of the 3G’s arrival at AT&T stores nothing but a cruel tease?

If you did get one, perhaps you did what countless others did, and filmed yourself taking it out of the box. The kid unboxing for Wirelessinfo.com proceeds initially like he’s opening the Ark of the Covenant (without the face-melting) — however, he quickly gets into demoing the iPhone’s features.

Not everyone had a great experience, and like a new media Bob Dylan, Mahalo Daily host Leah D’Emilio sings the blues for the iPhone zeitgest.

It’s been an exciting and frustrating day for a lot of people. So let’s just remember what’s important — in the end, everything in this life, including a $200 piece of metal and glass, is transitory. And can be blended.


Tim Street

I drank the Apple Kool-Aid back in the 80’s and it has helped me see and do things differently ever since.

I think J.J. Abrams’ Ted Talk: The mystery box really echos how I feel about Apple. Apple makes cool products that are inspiring. Using Apple products to create, work and live inspirers me to do great things.


I officially don’t get the appeal of these things (per this video). Last night I spent about 30 minutes typing one twitter update on CharlesTrippy’s stupid iTouch or iPhone or iPown. There. I said it. And I don’t even care that Trippy’s sponsored by Mac.



This whole iPhone culture is baffling to me. I loved my iPod to death until it died, but I do not feel the need to own a slick new piece of technology just because everyone is so up in a lather about it. I actually waited until the 5th gen came out to buy my iPod and got a sweet discount…I’ll probably do the same with the iPhone in a few years, iffen I decide it’s worth the binding contract.

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