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WebMynd Saves Your Web History

ScreenshotThere are a lot of ways to keep track of where you’ve been on the web: browser bookmarks, applications that save selected clippings, shared bookmark services. WebMynd takes a different tack: it saves everything that you see. Built as a Firefox extension plus a backend site, it saves complete versions of every page you browse to, and transmits the text to the backend for indexing.

This gives you several useful capabilities: a visual browser history (somewhat like Apple’s Time Machine) that lets you search back for a page you remember, and an additional set of results when you search Google that shows you pages from your own archive. The service is still in beta and has some rough edges; I got inconsistent results with searching. And you have to watch out for disk usage if you do a lot of browsing. But as a backup for your online activities, it’s hard to beat the convenience.

4 Responses to “WebMynd Saves Your Web History”

  1. Thanks Mike for writing about WebMynd, we are so glad you like our approach. Some people have compared our service to the Gmail for the web surfing, instead of organizing things into folders just save it all and search it when you need something.
    @ John and Jennie, I am sorry to hear that you experienced some problems. What versions of WebMynd were you using? We have made some large improvements in our latest version release, 0.6.1. We are working hard to improve WebMynd and would be grateful if you emailed us at with any problems you run into. We almost always answer within the hour and as a young startup your feedback is the most valuable thing we could ask for.

  2. Like Jennie I, and several of my colleagues, have been experiencing many problems with WebMynd and it totally messed up our FF2 and FF3 (slow/nonworking scripts making browsing impossible).

    Had to uninstall it to get FF working properly again.

  3. Jennie

    Rough edges? That’s putting it mildly. I wouldn’t recommend this FF add-on to anybody even halfway intelligent. Installing this add-on will completely mess your FF up. Enjoy!