Palm Centro drops to $69 for limited time. But why at AT&T?

Centroatteb_4I figured we’d see "defensive" measures taken today, the official day of the iPhone 3G release. You know what I mean: price cuts and special incentives on other phones from other carriers. So that’s why I’m wondering about the latest Palm Centro news to hit my Inbox. Starting today and running through September 20th, you can grab a new Palm Centro for $69.99 with two-year agreement and mail-in rebate. All three colors are eligble: the new electric blue, glacier white and obsidian black. Definitely a nice deal for a solid little smartphone running the Palm OS.

Here’s the bit that made me do a double-take. This deal is for Centros on the AT&T network. As in the only U.S. network supported by the new iPhone that arrived today. Good for Palm, I suppose, but I question why this deal is going out today. Luckily, I’m not a Palm strategist or you would have seen this deal a few weeks prior to the iPhone 3G release or solely for Sprint and Verizon. ;)


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