Hardly Any Video Apps for Your iPhone

With no officially supported video capture and no Flash, the iPhone’s video options are abnormally limited. And some developers, such as the CEO of mywaves, Rajeev Raman, say they are treading cautiously onto the iPhone out of fear Apple will constrain them in order to push its paid video offerings. (To which Steve Jobs reportedly replied: “He’s right. We will compete.”)

But nonetheless, we scoured the iTunes app store and found a few (a very few — we had to add movie info apps to get to five) video-related iPhone apps.

vSNAX Videos: Watch CBS, Spike, VH1, etc. Made by Rhythm NewMedia. See our original coverage from before WWD. Free.

Truveo Video Search: Search for video that plays on the iPhone. Made by AOL, which acquired Truveo before the big video bang and now makes it available via free APIs. Free.

mDialog: Personal video sharing. Made by mDialog, which we recently mentioned for its partnership with Unicef. Free.

BoxOffice. Movie times, reviews, tickets. Made by Cyrus Najmabadi. Free.

Movies. Show times, trailers, tickets, maps. Made by Jeffrey Grossman. Free.

Of course, if you’d like to jailbreak your phone, you can have a lot more options, including live video streaming.


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