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5 iPhone Apps to Help Save Gas

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If you upgraded early and don’t have an iBrick 3G, you’re presumably cruising Apple’s new app store. And if you’re also a green geek who’s looking to save fuel, and some money on high gas prices, we found 5 applications that can help you out; they’re basically replacements for the little notebook and pencil your dad kept in the glove compartment to track his gas usage, just with a touchscreen interface.

MPGAccuFuel: Tracks mileage and spits out slick graphs and quick comparisons of performance. Hypermilers, enjoy. Made by Appigo. 99 cents. Update: Developer Appigo has renamed this app “AccuFuel.”

FuelGage: Same functionality as MPG but no graphs. Tracks multiple vehicles and trip totals, good for splitting gas costs. Made by Joseph Kueser. 99 cents

GasHog: A less slick-looking MPG. No graphs.
99 cents

CarStat: Even less powerful and less slick MPG. This one does, however, track fuel costs and multiple cars but charges you a dollar more. Made by Stephen Blessing. $1.99

WHERE: GPS and GasBuddy work together to get you gas prices from the nearest stations. Made by uLocate Communications. Free.

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39 Responses to “5 iPhone Apps to Help Save Gas”

  1. Very good article with many fascinating information! Can’t say I completely agree with everything you have said here, but there are many relevant recommendations you have emphasized that can be rather useful on travel tips and related topics. Keep offering more recommendations on this topic and related subjects, as there are plenty of people who are working to understand the pluses and minuses.

  2. If you want to find the cheapest petrol prices whilst out and about, check out the mobile apps available from our website, including the UK’s top petrol-price related iphone App. Any feedback welcome.

  3. Is there something available for BlackBerries? has a Twitter feed, but what about those of us who only have email service and no web services enabled? A simple off-line system that feeds and connects when you are back in range would be great. An email with a txt string should do it. already supports that via Twitter. Anyone?

  4. These apps are fantastic and the app store is even more fantastic.. there are 100s of free apps including lots of gas saving apps.
    the people who dont have iphone yet… i say its a must have phone. before you buy iphone try the app store on your firneds phone and must see how fun the iphone free apps are.

    with best wishes,
    App Store Expert
    Usman Sanaullah

  5. This is great to have a such app on your iphone, but i have few free tips that can be used to cut your fuel cost for free. i was going over throught websites found few government based gas saving tips.






    i really liked the 5th its pdf. you can print it out and give it to friends and family.

  6. These are pretty cool apps I must say! Just another reason why everyone should own an iPhone. I bought mine about 6 months ago and honestly can’t live without it. Definitely these are great tools to help you save gas! We’ll be seeing gas prices go up again I’m sure….

  7. Don’t forget to check out other Green Apps, like Go Green Free, Green Tips, GreenMeter and our app MeterRead (Go Green, Save Green!) which allows users to easily read their electric meter and see how much kW-h will be used at the current pace. It’s great to see how much those Christmas lights will cost this year!



  8. We’ve recently renamed the MPG product to now be called AccuFuel since version 1.1 (available soon on the App Store) will support international measuring units (kilometers). Will you please update your reference to state “AccuFuel” instead of MPG?