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Murdoch On Yahoo: Microsoft Will Walk Away, Deal With Us Unlikely

In the background throughout Microsoft’s (NSDQ: MSFT) neverending Yahoo courtship has been the News Corp (NYSE: NWS) factor. Yahoo ran to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to avoid an MS tie-up first time ’round; could it also seek solace in Rupert Murdoch’s arms? It’s “very unlikely”, Rupe said (via Reuters) at Allen & Co’s Sun Valley shindig. So maybe Ballmer will triumph after all? Nope: “There won’t be a deal. There’s bad personal feelings. In six months, (Microsoft) will walk away.” He should know; along the way, News Corp has held talks on both options – tying Yahoo to its MySpace, and helping Microsoft buy Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO). The CEOs aren’t the only ones with animosity; Murdoch said of Gordon Crawford, SVP of Capital Research which holds 11.4 percent of YHOO and six of MSFT: “He’s pissed he didn’t get $33. He would have taken it in a flash.” It may be an idyllic hillside retreat, but Jerry Yang (via Reuters) says he’s unlikely to kick back with Microsoft representatives in Sun Valley.

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  1. sugiarto setiabudi

    There is no wrong of Yahoo's Board decision in corporate strategy to keep Yahoo independent.

    But,there is serious wrong in colloborating between Carl Icahn and Steve Ballmer in taking over control of Yahoo.,due to Carl Icahn has long position of Yahoo shares

    So,Carl Icahn and Steve Ballmer should be held personally liable in abusing securities market .

    Steve Ballmer should do not make any secret deal with unlegitimate persons..