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iPhone Round-Up: The Wait Continues; MobileMe Hits Snags; Activation Problems Persist

imageHere’s a round-up of our iPhone coverage at mocoNews. Stay tuned for more news as the device begins to sell out, activation issues persist, MobileMe continues to be unpredictable and even old 2G iPhone users are impacted. Our full coverage, including news on the App Store and first reviews can be found at our iPhone channel.

The Wait Continues: Everyone thought that the wait for the iPhone 3G was finally over today when it went up for sale in 21 countries around the world, but instead the people who absolutely insisted on buying one today, are finding themselves standing in line and having to wait a bit longer. Our own Matt Kapko cruised round the Long Beach, Calif. area today, trying to pick up one of the hot new iPhone 3G phones. He visited about five AT&T (NYSE: T) stores, which were all sold out, and then headed to an Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) store, where the hundreds-deep line led him to head home and try again later. More here.

MobileMe Also Crashes: MobileMe, which allows people to sync their contacts, calendar, email and other data between their iPhone and computers, is also experiencing activation problems today. The service, which they explain as “exchange for the rest of us,” has great potential — and ultimately could even prove more valuable to Apple than the App store — but a poor start today could leave a sour taste in iPhone owner’s mouths. AP reported yesterday that some users were denied access to their accounts, which cost $99 a year. Om Malik at GigaOm and Glenn Fleishman at also reported problems, with Fleishman Twittering that MobileMe screwed up syncing his contacts. “The usual Apple crap,” he writes. More here.

Activation problems persist: As posted earlier on PaidContent and mocoNews, there’s a long list of activation problems that started as early as the launch in London and then spread counterclockwise around the globe with many people still unsatisfied with broken — or so-called bricked — iPhones. The new update is that not only are iPhone 3G users disappointed, but there

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  1. Ive been using mobile me for a about 2 weeks. thought it was a great product until it duplicated contacts and calendar events. it took my contacts and garbled all my contacts information and notes between contacts. months worth of work gone to the garbage. wrst thing i ever did was try it.