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iPhone 3G Goes On Sale, Plagued By Activation Problems

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The phone may be quicker, but the wait sure is a drag. After New Zealand and Japan got there first, after Europeans queued up, one year after iPhone 1.0 hit… North Americans have finally got their hands on the 3G version of the device that, perhaps, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) should have released in the first place.

But many who have walked away from Apple and AT&T (NYSE: T) stores with the new handset have found themselves unable to activate it on the network. Even those trying to activate inside the Apple Store weren’t spared what appears to be yet another system overload. In the UK, O2’s web-based activation system, which also was strained, required Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Internet Explorer, of all things. More iPhone 3G coverage on our sister site

One Response to “iPhone 3G Goes On Sale, Plagued By Activation Problems”

  1. So yeah I was one of the idiots who stood on line this morning. Went to the local AT&T;store figuring I'd dip in (around 6:45 AM), take a picture, and laugh at all the people waiting. Was surprised to see only about 20 people on line…so I hopped on line…5 hours later, I finally walked out with my phone. However now, around 6 hours later, I still have yet to be able to activate it. Apple, normally so steadfast and sure, really bit the pooch on this one: having store activation was such a poor idea…I mean, seriously, every AT&T;store on the east coast, and every apple store, all trying to activate phones at the same time…PLUS all the international traffic that I'm sure is still going strong…
    Dumb move, end of story.

    So on top of all that, my iphone v1 is now un-usuable as a phone, since of course it was deactivated as part of the 3g activation process.
    Dumb dumb dumb.