ContentNext 2.0: Life With The Guardian Media Group


Update: Also read interviews with top Guardian execs on this acquisition: “Guardian Execs On ContentNext Acquisition: McCall, Brooks Talk Up Expansion

We got scooped on the biggest story of our own company’s life. Such is our life. Almost six years after our company started with, we have been acquired by Guardian News & Media (GNM), the news media division of UK-headquartered Guardian Media Group (GMG). Guardian itself is owned by the Scott Trust.

GNM publishes UK national newspapers



Hi guys,

Im doing a paper: Is paid for content the way forward for online media?

You guys seem to know all about it, perhaps a few tips would help me get started if you can spare the time.

Very interesting debate btw


Devin T. - Harlem 6 - Wu Tang

Congratulations on stepping it up, working with an award winning news organization. That's what I gathered anyhow. A lot of official lingo there, being a press release and all. My brain has a hard time taking it all in.

Haha, this started as a blog! With your wife there, rolling her eyes, and a few friends that believed in your dream. Faith and diligence is what got me to where I am, president of web department for my record label. I'm encouraged to know that's what got you to where you are now.

Good luck with whatever the future brings. Very touching story.

Ciaran Quinn

Great stuff Rafat – I remember sitting across from you at a conference break in Amsterdam in about late 2002 when you were furiously blogging away…meeting a deadline as you always do and adding real insight to the paid content market in its very early days. Glad we were able to be one of your very early supporters/advertisers as a result of that chance meeting.

Keep up the great work!


Lisa Amore

Congratulations, Rafat, Staci and team! It's been great to witness your progression and expansion over the years. This will be an exciting new path along the PaidContent journey! Best, Lisa


Congrats to all of you for your efforts and the quality that you people maintained. Hope to see the best of the best…

Rory Brown

Congratulations to both sides. Interesting to see the development of PaidContent and also curious about how things will develop in the future.


Does this mean you guys will be writing the odd article / commentary piece for Will you be working much more with the Guardian's Jemima Kiss?

firoza moola

congrats to Rafat and Najmia. May your company grow from strength to strength. all your hard work has really paid off.may Allah bless you with more success.

salaam aunty firoza and family

kulsoom & ghazali

congrats,this merger is a well deserved reward of you & your teams hardwork.may allah bless you with more success ahead and expand your work worldwide especially in england so that we can meet more often…..keep it up…..progress is well written in your path

Rafat Ali

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments and compliments. I am just recovering from the whirlwind yesterday and the flight back from NYC to LA…someone told me this new phone called iPhone launched yesterday :)

Sincerely appreciate all the thoughts, and we will try to continue to live up and exceed to the standards you all know us for.

David Clarke

Rafat, Staci, Mike and team Congratulations! was the first blog/news source that I encountered upon entering the online media/content industry in 2003/04 and wasn't long before you were not only daily reading, but a must read!
To quote an earlier posting "the valuation supports what we have always known; you and your team offer an incredibly valuable product. "
All the best, hope to see you at the next west coast mixer.
David Clarke

Nittn Warshne

Congrats Rafat !
Way back you wanted to become a Radio Jockey, good you did not follow that.

Best of luck to you and your team.
Nittn Warshne

Ken Anderson

Congratulations on this transaction. The valuation supports what we have always known; you and your team offer an incredibly valuable product.
Congratulations again.
Ken Anderson

Raanan Bar-Cohen

Congrats Rafat & team,

Well deserved and now you have an exciting opportunity to expand your business. Excited to see what you guys do next.

Bianca Janosevic

A great reward for a well-deserving team! I read you every day and find that you're still the best source of information for the industry, despite all the media that now covers it. It couldn't have happened to better journalists.

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