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ContentNext 2.0: Life With The Guardian Media Group

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Update: Also read interviews with top Guardian execs on this acquisition: “Guardian Execs On ContentNext Acquisition: McCall, Brooks Talk Up Expansion

We got scooped on the biggest story of our own company’s life. Such is our life. Almost six years after our company started with, we have been acquired by Guardian News & Media (GNM), the news media division of UK-headquartered Guardian Media Group (GMG). Guardian itself is owned by the Scott Trust.

GNM publishes UK national newspapers

59 Responses to “ContentNext 2.0: Life With The Guardian Media Group”

  1. Rafat and Staci, congratulations!

    You definitely earned the right though your hard work and high quality, to see a great outcome like this.

    I remember way back when you started PaidContent how impressed I was with you – and it was fun being able to blog some conference for you back at the start.

    I'm very happy for you and wish you much continued success!

    David Eckoff

  2. Janesville Jones

    From one of the invisible moms: thanks for employing my first born! How could I not wish you all the best and brightest of all possible futures. And so I do! Good work all y'all. —

  3. Ryan Bowermaster

    Congratulations Rafat!

    Glad to see your continued success & wish you the best as you move forward- your passion & hard work finally have reaped the rewards!

    Well deserved props also go out to Stacy, Ted, Raj, Mike and everyone else in the CN family! I'm proud I can say I was a part of this team at one point & look forward to seeing what kinds of magic you have up your sleeves for the future.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ryan Bowermaster
    RightMedia, LLC.

  4. Payam Dastmalchi

    Good work, congrats all! I've been following this site for the past couple years and have enjoyed reading your articles and learning more about the industry.

    You all deserved it!

  5. Excellent news, Rafat. I've been following PaidContent since 2005 and reading the Guardian since 1991. Both are quality publications, and it will be great to have the mutual support and cross-fertilization taking place.

    Ian Lamont,
    The Industry Standard

  6. Congratulations, Rafat and Team! Good show. PaidContent and Moconews have been two of my "must read" sources for a few years now. You've always been consistent in the quality of reporting, without much hype of anything "2.0". I've found myself returning to these sites for references, etc.

    Here's to your next phase.

  7. Congratulations!
    This is certainly great news for the Guardian, which is rapidly becoming one of the most Web-savvy newspaper companies on earth.
    And because of the Guardian's understanding of Web journalism, I can only assume that this deal is great news for you and your readers as well.

  8. Congrats Rafat and team. PaidContent was the first blog I read on a regular basis (well before TechCrunch and the likes), and it has always maintained its high level of journalistic quality and integrity. You guys deserve this.

    Bringing credible, breaking news to the masses:

  9. Congratulations on the big bucks!

    High quality video shows about content monetization would be cool..

    I expect Google will soon start to monetize Youtube with overlay advertising and that will bring them billions of dollars in revenue, so there will be huge things to cover in that space.

  10. While this is a continuation of a journey — it does mark the end of a beginning. And it was a great beginning. I am happy that I got to cheer from the sidelines and look forward to many great things ahead. Congratulations and onward, upward!