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Apple’s MobileMe Also Has Activation Problems; But Might Be The Killer App For Apple Long-Term

imageApple’s (NSDQ: AAPL) new Web service called MobileMe, which allows people to sync their contacts, calendar, email and other data between their iPhone and computers, is also experiencing activation problems today. The service, which they explain as “exchange for the rest of us,” has great potential — and ultimately could even prove more valuable to Apple than the App store — but a poor start today could leave a sour taste in iPhone owner’s mouths. AP reported late yesterday that some users were denied access to their accounts, which cost $99 a year. Om Malik at GigaOm also reported problems. Glenn Fleishman at is posting on Twitter that MobileMe screwed up syncing his contacts and now he has duplicates. “The usual Apple crap,” he writes. “They are incapable of getting this right.” When the site isn’t dead, he says, he has 1,000 contacts on one machine and 600 on another, “and both claim they’re synced!” The problems started earlier this week when existing .Mac users got word via the .Mac home page that the site would be offline from evening until midnight Wednesday, as their data was moved over to the MobileMe system, AP reported. But by Thursday afternoon, people said they couldn’t log on to either account.

Still, if Apple is able to reverse this bad start, MobileMe could be the killer-app, rather than the App store as many suspect. It’s way less sexy, but it can be a whole lot harder to walk away from as a customer when you have one service managing your information on your PC, Mac, phone and even their TV. Apple is now doing for the consumer what Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has been doing for the corporate user for years. JupiterResearch Analyst Michael Gartenberg said in an interview:

2 Responses to “Apple’s MobileMe Also Has Activation Problems; But Might Be The Killer App For Apple Long-Term”

  1. for me it falls short of being a killer app because it allows only for management of personal info, and does not allow for sharing of info, which is a vital Exchange feature. there are some other promising apps which allow this like but for it to really happen for them, viral effects have to catch on since they dont have the mega visibility apple has.

  2. I'm confused as to why everyone thinks this is such a great product. I'm certainly an Apple fan, and likely will buy a 3G iPhone very soon. But isn't this essentially the same service that Plaxo offers for free? Sure, I have to currently connect my Windows Mobile device to my machine to sync, but I have synced email, contacts, etc. across an XP machine, a PowerBook, and a Windows Mobile device. And it costs me a few annoying emails a year.

    I love Apple but this seems like just another way to make a bunch of ignorant folks believe they need to fork out $99/year for a service(s) they can get for free elsewhere. At least they're not trying to talk about their great Virus software anymore…