Open Thread: Which iPhone Apps Are For You?


We’re drowning in emails related to iPhone apps here at GigaOM, but since the store opens today and we already did a list of iPhone apps, we’re turning the tables and asking, what would GigaOM readers do? You guys obviously want the 3G iPhone, so now tell us what you want on it? Mainstream apps like streaming radio from Pandora, Tetris or Scrabble, or opinions from Yelp? Apps that take advantage of the new GPS features like Where or Limbo? We want to hear about it.



id love a truly enterprise class messaging + collaboration app for the iPhone which is an alernative to expensive ms products. HyperOffice is a webapp for Safari that comes pretty close and i heard Sybase had something in the works as a downloadable app.


SSH client. A Terminal. In other words, something to make it into a tool, instead of a toy.


Voice activated calling would be a great feature for the iPhone.

Ken Cochrane

I was really hoping for a Google Calendar sync, a simple tool that would sync the iPhone calendar to the Google calender over the air. I was expecting Google to have this ready at launch, I guess not. I guess I will need to write this myself, who knows maybe others might like it as well.

Another app I would absolutely love would be an SSH client, not sure if this is possible, but it would be so nice..


Silus Grok

I’m eager for the Facebook and Twitter apps… and intrigued by some of the innovation going on (the folks at have a few interesting apps). I’m especially interested in the Evernote app.

Om Malik

I would like multitasking and want to try out gtalk/aim apps on the new iphone which i am getting tomorrow. i also would love pandora and twinkle.


I just want a native to-do list. I was suprised it was omitted from the original iPhone and I am happy to see the functionality finally becoming available.

bob cobb

jailbreaking is going to be necessary so I can run iCopy on it. Pathetic that apple couldn’t come up with a copy/paste solution. Ill also be looking for a tether application, which I’m sure someone will come out with, since the new phone has 3g.

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