MTI and NeoSolar Making Fuel-Cell Powered Mobile Computers


We’ve been waiting awhile for the coming revolution of both fuel cell-powered devices and those tiny computers called “ultra-mobile PCs.” Well, now we can wait a bit more for a gadget with both of those future-forward designs in one. This morning, fuel cell maker MTI Micro and Korean consumer electronics maker NeoSolar said they will be making a variety of consumer electronics powered by fuel cells — most notably, ultra-mobile PCs.

The companies aren’t revealing much, but they say the gadgets will be able to use MTI’s methanol-based fuel cell technology, Mobion, as chargers, embedded technology and as snap-on attachments. No word on when they’ll be available, but check out the gadget below:



Seems interesting to have an ultra mobile PC but is it really so important to have something so small? I am still liking the conventional laptop..

Hyip Programs

It is power that attracts Boone. You don’t want to put too much money on government and end up losing out. You’re going to see a video that are either red or green.

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