Location Based Services on first-gen iPhone working

IphonelocationJust a last, quick note before I log out and have a Super MonkeyBall marathon this afternoon. Some folks were wondering if the first-gen iPhones wouldn’t be able to take advantage of LBS or Location Based Services since there no true GPS. I installed the free Weatherbug application a few minutes ago and went to add my current location. I was greeted with a dialog box asking me if I wanted to allow Weatherbug to find my location. I said yes and a few seconds later, the closest Weatherbug station popped up.

Will LBS be more accurate on a second-gen iPhone with true GPS? I have little doubt that it will, but if I can get a relatively close fix with the first-gen iPhone, that might be good enough for me. I assumed that this would work, but I received a few notes from folks asking so: confirmed! And with that, I’m either off playing games or looking for non-iPhone news. :)


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