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GooSync LogoI’ve recently upgraded to a Windows Smartphone, and like any good Web Worker I am looking to tweak the maximum amount of functionality and productivity from it that I possibly can. I access my Gmail via IMAP using the built in messaging client, and with my contacts stored nicely in BatchBook (which I’ve covered before) and my calendars available online in Gcal, I really thought I would be all set.

As nice as the mobile interfaces for these apps are though, I found I did miss the benefits of having this information stored in my phone’s native apps, specifically for caller ID and visibility from the main screen without needing to launch a browser.

So with a bit of online research, I was really pleased to find the GooSync service from the folks at Toffa.

Different than the GoodSync application I also recently reviewed, The GooSync service is designed to allow you to synchronize your Google Calendar with just about any mobile device. It is available as both a free service as well as a Premium offering which adds considerable functionality, including the ability to connect to multiple calendars as well as contact and task sync as well.

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For simple single calendar synchronization the free option will probably work well enough for most folks, but for me the upgrade was a no brainer. I have multiple calendars in use for both personal and business and being able to have them all available is a necessity. Add to that an auto-sync function and I’m sure to always be up to date even when others are adding items to my calendar for me, which is frequently.

The contact synchronization option in the premium service can be set to connect to either your Gmail contacts or to a web based database. Given the sheer awfulness of Gmail contacts, I opted for the latter.

Because I use another app for contact management, the sync process isn’t quite as seamless as it is for calendaring. I think I’ve managed to make it pretty easy, and seem to have found my first use for DejaClick as well.

An export from Batchbook (or most any app really) provides a .csv file that is easily imported into a GooSync account, and then the autosync takes over. My full contact database is loaded up and available in my phones contacts app. I’m hoping that future upgrades will allow direct sync between various web services but for now this is a workable solution.

There is task functionality included as well, but with no Google counterpart, it’s GooSync specific. I haven’t had much use for it but for keeping track of simple to do items, it seems workable.

On the security side of things, I like that it is able to connect to my calendars using Google’s own authorization process rather than my needing to provide them with my Google login information.

Setting up the service is relatively easy: Create your account online, choose and configure your mobile device, and then start syncing.

As mentioned, there is a free plan available while the Premium service runs £19.95 (about $40) yearly. It does sync over air so data charges from your provider may apply.

How do you sync your desktop to your mobile device?



I have been using Nokia smartphones for 7 years and sync to MS Outlook. It has always worked well for me, and I have found that Outlook is the best integrated tool for work use.

I also use Gmail, GCal, with Remember the Milk for personal use and can access them through my Nokia.


You can also look at OggSync (notice the different spelling) to sync Calendars and contacts directly from Google to your windows mobile device without going through a 3rd party server.

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