How to snag the iPhone 2.0 firmware early. Adventurous only need apply.


I wish I could promise this to be the last iPhone post of the day, but after all, the App Store is a big deal. Folks are waiting for the 2.0 firmware so they can actually USE apps from the store, but I’m not waiting. MacRumors has a link to the firmware, so the 225 MB file is already on my MacBook Pro. I had to use a little tom-foolery of renaming the firmware extension… it came as a .zip but I stopped the decompression and renamed it as an .ipsw file. Holding down the Option key while clicking "Check for Updates" in iTunes lets you browse to the firmware.

More to follow, but if you want to be crazy stupid adventurous (and lose your data then restore it from a backup), you can follow the MacRumors link. Thanks to Steve Rubel for finding this!

Update: the process went without a hitch and I restored from my last backup. w00t! Now to try eReader since I "bought" it earlier today!



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