I Can't Find MobileMe


At $99 a year, I expect my online service to function all the time. So perhaps that is why I am a little upset that Apple hasn’t been able to launch their MobileMe service properly and are experiencing outages. The fact that the service was supposed to launch at a time of Apple’s choosing, leaves no room for excuses on today’s problems.

It is doubly disappointing because this is a for-pay and not some free service, where you get what you pay for. Many free services occassionaly suffer downtime. Apple’s DotMac service, predecessor to MobileMe was as temperamental as John McEnroe in his heyday. (Related Story: dotMac, time for a makeover.) The only saving grace is that my dot.mac email via the desktop client is working properly. Whew!

But I want to see a letter of apology and a refund for time lost to outage. Infact all paying services should be forced to refund the money for the time the services are down. That way the high cost of returning a couple of dollars is going to eat into their profits, making them work harder.



unable to contact them in any way or form.

unable to find them in any way or form.

But I bet they can find me when they want to bill me.


I can see why you’d be upset by not getting 100% uptime on a global service for 27.5 cents a day. That seems like an outrageous price to pay so you should expect nothing less than perfection! ;)


I am equally appalled at the false advertising about “push”. They demoed a system that pushed everything to the desktop, but the final product actually syncs to it, just like .Mac (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1155)! I am usually forgiving but this inexcusable, thanks a lot Apple, or should I say Microsoft!!

Martin Allchin

Take a chill pill. They moved across from .Mac to MobileMe. That had to entail some downtime, understandable. Also everyone wanted to see what the fuss was about, so everyone logged on at once, which overloaded the system. It’ll settle down soon enough.


Apple’s decline in quality started a lot further back than 2 years ago. If you weren’t around in the days when they had SCSI internal drives (pre-Performa), then you wouldn’t have noticed. The quality of Apple hardware has been on a steady decline, but Apple has enough fanboys full of unconditional love (and abject fear of anything Windows) that they come back for more.

If you complain about any problems,you are faced with an angry swarm of Apple enthusiasts. These people are the very root of the reason why Apple doesn’t give a toss about people who have problems with their products. Why do better when your sales are not at stake?

Apple should be head and shoulders above the rest for two reasons – that is their claim to fame and their prices are higher. Sorry fanboys and girls, but their prices *are* higher. I have a dual platform home and use both a Mac and a PC and alternate buying each platform every time I make a new computer purchase. The Mac has a better OS and looks great, but it is more expensive than a similarly capable PC. If you charge more, it should be reflected in the product.

a concerned party

Seriously. Grow Up… I am sick of hearing about “business” owners who use .Mac (and now MobileMe) for their “work” emails.


I dont take any business seriously if i see @mac.com, @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, @aol.com, etc at the end of their email. Websites and email hosting are far to cheep these days to cop out and use another providers mail for your oh so “important” business.

Jimmy B

Are you people serious? Are you really that upset about three days of downtime? Give it a rest and quit complaining. If you break up the service into the downtime your out…oh I would say less than a buck? Get over it. Your being dramatic and you only seek money from Apple because they have deep pockets. Enough said.

M Reith

Maybe I benefit from having been around this word for many years and have experienced more than the author/complainer. Indeed, contact Apple about a just agreement to make up for your lost surface, but please breath deeply and be kind. The person who will answer their phone is a human, like you and me. Surely no company sets out to embarrass themselves by having a system down and they will likely be more than glad to make amends; Apple has a better record than most.

Sometimes things don’t work in life, whether you a call a telephone number and it never connects, or if your satellite connection is glitchy due to weather. You will do your body and mind well by relaxing a bit and learning to roll with the punches. Demand all you like, but life on this earth is far from a smooth experience.


No one pays $99 a year and gets 100% Uptime…. and if they do I’d like them to show me! Servers have downtime upgrades have to occur…. Apple did send a email to .mac folks saying the switch was going to happen in the near future…. AND the ENTIRE TIME desktop applications worked perfectly Mail and .mac syncing… I know because I was using them the whole time. The only thing that was down was the web interface which I normally use quite often but its not that big of a deal to not have for 2 days.

Really? Demanding a refund and an apology? So you want like what $1 back? If your getting that kind of customer experience everywhere else in your life MAN what a great life that must be! Apple never gave a 100% uptime guarantee… If thats what you where looking for then .mac/mobileme could never of satisfied you.

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