Flipswap – Good for You, Good for the Environment

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Flipswap is a service that allows you to send in your old phone for free and get paid for it. They send your old phone to another country where someone less fortunate will be able to use it (while also covering shipping both ways). They will put your phone in a happy place:

If your cell phone is in working condition or can be repaired, we make sure it goes to a place where it can be reused. If your cell phone is broken beyond repair, we recycle it using the most environmentally friendly methods currently available.

It is a better deal than just tossing out your old phone.

In addition to finding a new owner for your phone, Flipswap will also plant a tree for each phone donated, so you can feel more environmentally conscious!

So how do they figure out how much your phone is worth? A complicated algorithm “that allows [them] to offer you a real time trade-in value for any phone.” My three cell phones added up to about $50, which is not bad considering they are old and partially beat up.

So whether you are done with your first iPhone and gearing up for the 3G, or you just want to get rid of your regular cell phone, you can use this and maybe get some more money to add to your 3G fund.

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212$ for a 16gb iPhone. LoL, you are kidding right? So they can send it to another country and sell it for twice as much as that, to of course, someone less fortunate…

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