Electrovaya and All-Day Laptop Power


Recently, while taking a couple of days off, I needed to be able to continue writing on my laptop throughout most of the day–while outside at a hotel. I’ve written before about my previous favorite solution for this problem: Electrovaya’s PowerPad95 external battery.  Since that post, I’ve upgraded from the $199 PowerPad95 to Electrovaya’s higher-end, $299 PowerPad 130. I can definitely report that the 130 will give you all-day power no matter where you are (unless you use very power-intensive apps the whole day long).

Whether an external battery actually gives you all-day power out of a laptop, of course, depends on your applications. If you’re going to park on a chaise lounge and do video editing all day, you may not get it. For writing, though, the 130 was all I needed.

On my recent trip, I toted a Lenovo ThinkPad X40, and for tasks such as writing and e-mail, I typically can get about 2.5 hours of life out of it on its battery. (It helps a lot to turn the brightness down and set standby mode to kick in whenever the machine hasn’t been used for 5 minutes.) Using the Electrovaya PowerPad 130, I was able to use my laptop outside for nearly nine hours, with only a fraction of that time spent on standby.

The batteries in the PowerPad series weigh about a pound, come with two USB charge ports, and they’re well worth having if you frequently work from hotspots, or want to work outside for extended periods. They’re compatible with thousands of models of laptops. While $299 may seem like a lot to spend for all-day power, in my case the new external battery has paid for itself very quickly.

Do you have a good solution for all day laptop power?


David Lievense

I’m sorry but I know you constantly rave about how good this company’s products are but their sales support and customer service are by far the WORST of any eCommerce company I’ve ever dealt with.

Unfortunately they seem to be the only option out there, but if anyone knows of a better company I could give my money to, please let me know!

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