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Cool iPhone apps at the App Store

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OK, the new App Store on iTunes is definitely a huge time sink for me this morning but I just have to go through it and see what programs are already there.  I’ve already mentioned eReader and Pandora but I’m finding some other really cool and useful programs the longer I play around with it:


Best mobile note-taking app around!


Speak your mind.


Gotta get me some New York Times!

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

UPDATE: TypePad Mobile is there too.  :)


9 Responses to “Cool iPhone apps at the App Store”

  1. vm-01: USA. I don’t what’s up with that one app (it was a Sudoku game), but there are at least *three* Japanese apps and one *Chinese* app in the App Store right now *today*. Also a Japanese-English dictionary. Several language programs too.

  2. James, you may have mentioned this already, but does eReader read Mobipocket DRM’d books? I’m assuming no, and I wish that Mobipocket would release soemthing themselves since I’ve got quite a few books from them — while my N95 is a fairly good reader, it’d be even better to read on my Touch’s big screen!


  3. That’s very cool that they have those three apps. I would immediately go for those too.

    Man, I’m jealous. This looks like a great device, even more important…. great apps. But I won’t switch off of Verizon and I like my tethering capability too much.


  4. >>>UPDATE: TypePad Mobile is there too. :)

    What’s the matter? Getting lazy? You MEANT to type:

    UPDATE: TypePad Mobile is there too. HAHAHAHAHA, suffer suffer suffer, Mike Cane!!!

    So, you’ll be doing a little vid of your new iPhone 3G tomorrow for us, right? You have to amp up the fienditry around here!