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Yahoo And Turner In Sports Ads And Content Deal; Yahoo Launches Games Site — 400 Will Have Ads

imageTurner Broadcasting will rep ad sales for various pages across Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Sports, per a new agreement announced this morning. Under the deal, Turner will have exclusive representation over the NBA, Golf and NASCAR pages, in exchange for providing Yahoo exclusive content from,, and, all league sites operated by Turner. Essentially, the aforementioned Yahoo Sports pages will become part of the Turner Network, currently comprised of 19 Turner sites. The content Yahoo will get from this deal includes live and on-demand video, leaderboard data, and editorial content from various sports writers.

Does this sound familiar? It sounds similar to the deal Yahoo struck with CNET (NSDQ: CNET), which was announced in April. That arrangement gave CNET the ability to sell some of Yahoo’s tech ad inventory in exchange for exclusive content. More broadly: Yahoo’s strategy is to carry content from the best partners around in exchange for letting them sell more ad inventory. That deal is anticipated to provide CNET with an additional $100 million in revenue over three years. No financials were disclosed with this announcement. Release.

Yahoo launches ad-supported games site: In its third separate piece of news today, Yahoo announced the release of the ad-supported Yahoo Games. The site currently has 704 games, 50 of which are ad-supported, a Yahoo rep said — by the end of the year, more than 400 will have ads. Yahoo is working with in-games ad companies Double Fusion and NeoEdge, which will sell and integrate pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads into the Yahoo! Games catalog. Yahoo said it is particularly interested in targeting in-game ads to women, 35- to 54. Paid downloads without advertising will also be available to Yahoo Games users as well. Back in February, eMarketer said it expected ad spending on web games alone would amount to $403 million in 2008 and climb to $650 million by 2012, a 133 percent leap from 2007’s $295 million estimate.

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