Sprint’s Samsung Instinct Is Selling As Briskly As The Razr Two Years Ago

imageSprint (NYSE: S) Nextel wants some attention for how well the Samsung Instinct is selling, and with a lot of hype and media attention going to the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone, you can’t blame them, especially since the touchscreen iPhone look-alike appears to be flying off the shelves since launching June 20. Six days after the phone’s launch, Sprint called the Samsung Instinct the fastest-selling EVDO handset in the company’s history. It said the intense demand even led to temporary shortages of the device at some locations and in order to prevent more, Samsung increased its manufacturing plants to full capacity and plans to deliver new supplies on a daily basis. Yesterday, Best Buy issued a press release, confirming the device’s brisk sales. It said early results are showing that the device is the retailer


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