Smart To-Do List: Simple Windows Task Management


Smart To-Do List by Scott Karstetter is a new to-do list manager with a simple interface. It allows tagging, prioritizing, and filtering to ensure that you do not miss anything. It employs keyboard shortcuts, like ‘h’ for viewing high priority items.

Smart To-Do List is Windows-based and there is no plan yet for a Mac version. Karstetter said that it was developed using Microsoft tools and a Mac version would be difficult.

The application is small enough that it can be installed on to a USB drive for portability. Karstetter is also looking at interfacing with other web-applications to compensate for the absence of a web interface.

Smart To-Do List costs $14.95 but it’s cheaper than similar applications Tudumo ($29.95) and TodoPaper ($29.99). There is a free trial version.



I wouldn’t want to be stuck using windows for my time tracking. Our office uses Windows, Mac, and Linux on the desktop.

Scott Karstetter


Thanks. I’ve been in contact with Brad Linder, the commenter above. I’ve fixed the problem. I had to re-create the installer on another computer and that solved it. Hope you can give it a try now!

Best Regards,


->Scott – my antivirus software is updated everyday As you can see from Brad’s comment, I am not the only one.

I understand that this may be a false alert. Still, this is something you should probably investigate a bit more.

Scott Karstetter

I just downloaded AVG and tried it from my PC just to make sure and did not get any warnings. You may want to update your antivirus software.


When I try to download the free version, AVG Antivirus warns me that it includes a trojan. I will not take the chance for now…


Kevin, Jordan – it’s not all about you, eh? Let the guy have his 15 minutes.

Congrats, Scott.

Scott Karstetter


Thanks very much for the post. There are a couple of things that make this software unique from most other to-do list applications.
* Keyboard command based options, i.e. anything that can be done with a mouse, can be done with the keyboard alone.

* To-Do list templates – you can save a list as a template to be re-used later.

* Runs from a flash drive.

The main thing I was trying to achieve with this application was simplicity. For instance, to add a task, you only need to type the task and press enter (you can optionally tag it).

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
Scott Karstetter

Jordan Sherer

TodoPaper (and TaskPaper, the Mac version) are very popular. We are implementing an online storage solution for both, which should “rival” something like Remember The Milk.

If you are interested in TodoPaper, check out the free trial. If you like it, you can grab it for $14.70 through Bits Du Jour on Sunday July 13. Here’s the link:

Kevin Crenshaw - Productivity Coach


A side-by-side, researched comparison of known GTD apps (free and commercial) is found here:

107+ Researched GTD Applications

The “Features” column gives a features overview. Clicking the discussion balloons will often point you to details of implementing GTD with that tool. Click “Web” or “All” at the top to see web and browser-based apps.

Hope this helps.

Todd Andrews

I wonder how popular applications like this are compared to free versions or browser-based versions like RememberTheMilk?

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