Pocket Informant coming for the iPhone!

AgendaviewPocket Informant by WebIS is easily one of the best programs on the Windows Mobile platform of all time.  It has long been a staple of my WM arsenal and using it for so many years lets me really appreciate the evolution of the program under developer Alex Kac’s able hands.  An interview with Alex (from iPhone site newbie What’s on iPhone.com) about PI points to an upcoming iPhone version of the great program, and that is great news.  According to Alex it’s not a port either, rather a version of PI totally written from the ground up to leverage the UI advantages the iPhone offers.  The thought of programs like Pocket Informant on the iPhone is the reason that I believe the App Store that Apple will unveil this week with the introduction of the iPhone 3G is VERY. BIG. NEWS.  More from Alex:

How long did it take you to design the current version of Pocket Informant for the iPhone?
Original version was 3-4 months in the making of 12-hour days, 7 days a week.  The blackberry version also took 3-4 months.

What?  A Blackberry version in the works too!  Woot!


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