Open Thread: iPhone 3G?


ScreenshotIt’s clear that Apple told the major media today was the day that it was OK to talk about the iPhone 3G: Walt Mossberg, Edward Baig, and David Pogue are all out with major hands-on reviews. The general consensus seems to be that it’s a nice piece of equipment, and an improvement over the original, but still with some compromises – and hardly a “must have” bit of hardware.

To be honest, we haven’t seen a groundswell of iPhone interest from you readers either, even though mobile technology is one of the key interests of web workers. Is it the cost (check out BillShrink for a plan comparison)? The design compromises? The fact that you’re perfectly satisfied with your existing communications devices? Or are you really interested, and we’ve just not been listening hard enough?

Here’s your change to weigh in on the iPhone 3G, just before the launch. If you’re planning to rush right out on Friday and buy one, we’d love to hear about it. If you’d like us to start covering iPhone software, that would be great to know too. But on the other hand, if there have already been too many iPhone stories on Web Worker Daily, and you want us to let it be, tell us that too!

And while you’re making your opinions known, take a moment to click over to our parent site GigaOM and take their quick one-question iPhone 3G survey as well. Thanks!



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Mr. Crash

pricing here in Australia sucks…
AU$850 (about US$830) for the 16GB but with an extra $80 as an “unlocking fee” – what the hell is that crap… Seriously.

Fail. I really like this phone, but the way carriers gouge people here is insane. But i suppose it’s inline with apples insane markup here though so i don’t think they’re totally to blame.


And what’s with this junk about having to PAY for programs to run on your iPhone? You have to BUY the programs from the iTunes store in order to use it on your iPhone?! Sure, there are probably places to download free apps, but the fact that Apple set up the site with the idea that people should pay for the programs shows how closed-minded they are. I prefer free, open source programs on free open source operating systems.


I’ve looked at the iPhone, but I couldn’t ever figure out what the fuss is about. When it first came out (and even now still) I remember thinking, what can this thing do that other smartphones can’t?

The Windows Mobile operating system, which runs on many handset models from many wireless carriers, can do everything the iPhone does and more. You can put any program you want on it (as long as you have enough storage and the program is light enough to run with a phone’s limited processing/memory resources). And plenty of the phones running Windows Mobile have touch screens, camera, GPS, and 3G network service.

I don’t love Windows that much (I use Ubuntu Linux on my computer at home) but I don’t like Mac OS X either. From my friends who use Windows Mobile on their phones, they haven’t had any problems, and love the new capabilities.

I still think that the best mobile phone operating system is going to be Android from Google/Open Handset Alliance, an open source Linux distribution made special for cell phones. It is going to be more customizable than any smartphone operating system out there, and already I can see that Google is making more of an effort to get developers working on apps for Android with their SDK. Many cool apps have already been created, and they are much more innovative than programs that run on Windows Mobile or iPhone OS because Android is more open.


I didn’t go for the v1 iPhone because I couldn’t justify the price to myself for a non-3G phone. However now the price has come down and it’s 3G so it really makes sense. I will pay the same amount for my tariff that I do now for my Nokia smartphone but with the unlimited data and free wifi it actually works out cheaper to go with the iPhone compared to what I pay now.

So this is a no-brainer for me – I’ve wanted an iPhone for a long time, it has all the goodies I want in one slim device and it’s cheaper than my current phone costs me. Will I be be sucked into this iPhone frenzy HELL YES…just as soon as I can get my hands on one. Monday I’ve been promised!


While I wouldn’t call myself a “sucker for apple”, I am definitely picking one of these up tomorrow morning. I’ve wanted an iPhone for over a year after watching the introductory videos, and I’m stoked. I’m a little disappointed at the overall cost of the monthly plans, but I’ve made sure I can afford it every month. :)

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Scott Blitstein

Even with the lower price point, it’s still more than I feel comfortable paying. I don’t feel that I’m particularly hard on them, but I’ve never had a good history with longevity for mobile devices so I try to keep my investment to a minimum.

My Blackjack II was nearly free and I’m perfectly happy with the functionality for what I need it to do.


Judi Sohn

My husband is going to replace his E62 with an iPhone tomorrow morning.

I’ve been going back and forth, but in the end I don’t see myself with an iPhone yet. I’m too attached to the real keyboard on my BlackBerry 8800 so I’m holding out for the Bold this summer.


I’m getting in line in 8 hours or less. Apple Palo Alto, see you there!


Interest? Absolutely.

Will I get it Friday? ABSOLUTELY.

I honestly can’t friggin’ wait!

Up until last year I was 50% windows, 50% linux when I made the switch to Apple and there’s a reason people love it so much – it’s the *best* of what’s out there.

Jeff Hester

I own a first-generation iPhone, and also agree that this is my favorite digital device, bar none.

The 3G version is appealing, but the real appeal is the iTunes App Store. Since the apps will run on the first gen phones, an upgrade is not such a big deal.

The other reason you’re not hearing as much “buzz” about the iPhone 3G is that it’s already pretty well known. We have the first-gen iPhone. It does some things better (3G and GPS), but other than that, most of the new features will be included on the next update for existing iPhone users.

Shelby Jones

I have never wanted an iPhone, since I enjoy my BlackBerry Curve (8300). I plan to upgrade to the new and upcoming BlackBerry Thunder (once it is sold), which will be an iPhone killer!

The only things I like about the iPhone is the internet and the wide variety of apps. The BlackBerry is decent with Opera Mini for an internet browser, and many of the apps, while very nice, are not free. I am not sure as to the offering of free apps on the iPhone, but I am sure there are more than free BlackBerry apps you can find.

Number one reason for the BlackBerry beating the iPhone: QWERTY Keyboard, baby!

Adam Lindsay

With custom applications, the data download required to provide a similar experience to a website, is much much less. With a website you have to download images, html and javascript, not to mention the data, which is embedded inside the HTML. With the custom apps, the framework is already on the device, so data transfers will be much smaller. All of this makes 3G seem less important. Compare iPhones built-in weather application to sometime. Which gets you the info you need faster?

Rumors are flying that the GPS isn’t as accurate as anticipated, due to small antenna, and will only be marginally better then the current tower triangulation solution.

So with the 2 big hardware reasons out of the way, why should I upgrade? For those that don’t have an iPhone, are you kidding me? I gave up a long time ago even following other phones, there simple isn’t any reason to compare anymore.

Mike Gunderloy

@PXLated: Yes, I’ve seen plenty of interest elsewhere. It’s just when we’ve asked our own readers that the interest has been lower than expected. But seeing the iPhone owners (and soon-to-be owners) come out of the woodwork here will certainly encourage us to more coverage in the future.


I also have a “holder” phone and will be standing in line on Friday.

My previous phone was a sucky Verizon Windows Mobile phone. Based on the contract I signed, I’ll actually be paying less for my iPhone service than I paid for my Verizon wireless phone service.

I was annoyed during the over-hyped iPhone 1.0 launch, but I would like Web Worker Daily to cover 3G iPhone stories that will be of interest to web workers.



I have an 8GB iPhone today. I expect I’ll upgrade to the 16GB 3G iPhone within 6-months. The 3G, GPS, and extra storage are too compelling to resist.


Yes please to iPhone software/services coverage – buying mine on Friday in Ireland having used Palm for 4 or 5 years.

Looking forward to being much more effective with the MobileMe service being particularly attractive for a wannabe techie who really cannot be bothered with complex software :-)



I will definitely be getting an iPhone 3G this week. I opted to wait out my Verizon contract, and the first generation iPhone, but now I’m done with my contract, and very ready for the new iPhone. I wish I didn’t have to switch, but it’s not that big of a deal.

They (Apple) just got it exactly right. Have you ever actually tried web surfing from any other web-enabled cell phone? Ridiculous. A total joke.

I would very much like to see coverage of iPhone anything on this site, especially the new apps. As a Web Worker, I am waiting to see if there will be an app that allows me to edit & ftp html/css files. That would be so handy!


I’d love an iPhone but I refuse to go back to AT&T. I’m much much happier with Verizon (which is the only carrier that works on the DC metro).


The iPhone will be my first cell phone in 3 years… yes, I’ve been without that long! My bf and I are both getting one, and we’ve already got “holder phones” from AT&T until we pick up our phones on Friday.

Reasons we’re most excited: having the Internet at our fingertips for research and answering questions, having a quick-access camera (which we can immediately post pics from), being able to update blogs and social networks anywhere, updating our GoogleDocs budgets when we make a purchase, and being able to keep in touch with each other when we’re AFK. We’re even giving the $20 TXT plan a go since we know so many people who use text messaging.

Also, it can tell us how fast we are accelerating! I never even knew that I needed to know that. ;)

Since I am so new to the party of smart device owners, I know I’m going to need all the geek-aware articles on applications, tips & tricks, and general use I can get. But better late than never!


I love my iPhone more than any gadget I’ve ever owned. Frankly, I can’t imagine being without it. That said, the 3G model isn’t as compelling an upgrade as I had anticipated. So I’ll be sitting on my gen 1 device for a bit to see how things play out.

For me the big news will be the App Store. I think there is going to be a lot of stellar software for the iPhone platform, and I’d love to see coverage about iPhone software on this site.

Adam Schlag

The price is certainly a factor, but not a huge one. I think that AT&T have now proven to be the weakest actor in the iPhone story, and I’m not that interested in paying more than I do for my original iPhone just for faster data speeds (when you can get it) and limited GPS (yawn).

The real excitement is with the apps, and I’d love to see some coverage of them here.


For me its about price, really. I would want an iPhone, but I don’t want to be locked into a carrier in order to get it. It would be perfectly fine for me, if Apple sould the phone in their stores and from their website at a premium price – and I’m baffled why they don’t. I seriously don’t understand why Apple wants to be in the pocket of old telco’s.

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