FiOS inches closer


Fios_is_comingThe boys in neon green/yellow have arrived… glad to see they brought their shovels! My guess would be that FiOS service will be available in my ‘hood by the end of August. That gives me plenty of time to figure out which plan I want. I’m leaning towards the 20 down / 5 up for around $60 a month. Thoughts?



That’s a pretty good price for 20 down – I pay about half right now for just 3 down. I don’t have fios in my area, but u-verse is connected. I like the fact that with u-verse you can get a package for $69 that includes basic 100-channel TV and 1.5 down internet. They throw in free wifi hardware, and unlike fios, you don’t pay extra for anti-virus software.

I don’t have huge TV/internet needs, but come Feb 09, it’s either a converter box or cable.

Kevin C. Tofel

Good point; advertised Internet speeds would be the same regardless of my TV purchase or not. But I’m still not interested. ;)


Your choice of internet speed has nothing to do with FiOS TV.


James, if you’ve ever had to dig holes while be watched by cows you’d understand: they’re on guard duty. Kevin keeps raving about how he’s in the middle of cow country… ;-)

James Kendrick

Watching work crews always surprises me how many workers need to hold the shovels upright doing nothing. I guess they can’t set them down on the ground.


Kevin, I’d take those hard working men a pitcher of iced tea and see if you can get ’em to dig faster. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, above the 20/5 that I’m leaning towards, they have 20 down / 20 up and 50 down / 20 up; that last one would be nice, but is probably overkill for me if I’m not getting their TV service. At around $130 a month it’s also 2x the price of the package I’m thinking of.

Kevin C. Tofel

I think I’m going to pass on FiOS TV service for the moment. I’ve got too much hardware invested in Dish. Their current lineup of 39 HD channels plus my HD locals OTA are enough for now. I find that I’m recording more HD programming than I have time to watch as it is! :)

Ben Drawbaugh

I’ll still be jealous if you get yours that fast after the crews are gone when I had to wait like six months, but anyways.

I also went with the 20/5 and have on a number of occasions exceeded the 20Mbps down from easynews.

As for their HD lineup, it isn’t that great now, but they have lots of additions on the schedule.

It looks like Philly’s 23 new HD channels will be online for you just in time.

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