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Sun Valley Chatter: Yahoo Talk; NBC Dealing?

There’s no obvious YouTube or Facebook this year to capture the crown as the toast of Sun Valley, so it sounds like it’s all about the old guys. Not surprisingly, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) are a big story at the Allen & Co. elite media confab. Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, a major Yahoo shareholder, told Reuters that he’d support Carl Icahn’s slate if he promised not to sell for less than $33. It’s hard to imagine Icahn making such a commitment at this point, and $33 may be a long-gone dream, given that when deal talk quiets down, Yahoo shares make a bee-line for the sub-$20 range.

NBC: Peter Lauria at NYP, who’s also hanging out at the event, says NBCU chief Jeff Zucker is the center of attention, as deal talk swirls around him. Rumors that NBC could be sold have been going around forever, though so far parent GE has consistently denied its interest. Don’t expect this talk to die down anytime soon, as there’s no way for GE to prove the negative: that it’s not interested in some alternative arrangement.

New Media: Despite the fact that there’s no obvious “the next Facebook” in attendance, new media has its place. Dealbook has a nice rundown of who all is there from the internet/start-up world. No real big surprises. Some names include: Digg CEO Jay Adelson (they’re perpetually close to a sale), Max Levchin of Slide, investor Peter Thiel, Janus Friis of Joost and Marc Andreesen and Gina Bianchini of Ning.

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