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First iPhone 3G Reviews: Mossberg: Battery ‘Significant Problem’; Pogue: Limited 3G, Good Audio

imageTwo major — and somewhat mixed — iPhone 3G consumer reviews tonight in advance of Friday’s second-gen rollout. The NYT’s David Pogue and WSJ’s Walt Mossberg find a lot to praise in what really isn’t a very different phone but each also sees some drawbacks that could be showstoppers for some.

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4 Responses to “First iPhone 3G Reviews: Mossberg: Battery ‘Significant Problem’; Pogue: Limited 3G, Good Audio”

  1. To COCO

    COCO are you serious it makes the Phone look like a HUUUUGE UNWIELDY ugly brick, braindead Apple product buyers only care about style over substance so they won't want something that makes there phone look EMBARRSSINGLY disproportionate and EVEN HEAVIER.

    The problem is that the technology to build a phone the size of the iPHONE with its battery size isn't around yet – the iPhone was DOA simple as that.

  2. Sure the battery on iPhone 3G is not that great, but what can we do? We want small size phones, powerful features and lengthy battery life.

    Just get a backup battery. I got mine from iPhoneck brands. Their new 3G backup battery is probably one of the better looking products in the market. Their website is

  3. Doesn't make any sense. We wait this long for this update, only to have Apple slap us in the face? How could they not predict this would happen and ramp up their servers? What were they thinking?

  4. It is now 3:00 where I am and I still have no activated phone. AT&T;was to provide the activation service for the iPhone and did not live up to their obligation and after spending the last 30 minutes on the phone with a supervisor from AT&T;they will not wave the activation fee. They failed to provide the activation, passed along the obligation to the customer, and will not even budge on waving the activation because of the inconvenience. I switched my service from a good service provider to deal with a company like this? All iPhone users should do the same and contact AT&T;and demand that our activation be waived for the inconvenience and the poor customer service.