Yuuguu: Interest in Online Screen Sharing Grows


I was reading through the blog for one of my favorite screen sharing applications, Yuuguu, and came across some interesting points about growing interest in screen sharing. A look at Google Trends shows that searches for “screen sharing” have risen hugely in the past year. Also, India tops the list of countries showing interest in that search term. I’m not surprised that screen sharing is on the rise, and Yuuguu and Yugma are my favorite free applications in this space.

Yuuguu has made steady strides to add to its feature set since I last wrote about it. The free edition now lets up to 30 people concurrently share screens and chat. Yuuguu can also let you share screens with Windows users if you’re on a Mac, and vice-versa.

Yuuguu gives you the option to have it running in the background all day, and you can choose to display your availability or lack of it to your friends or workgroup right on the control console for the application. Your list of people you collaborate with works very much like an instant messaging application. You can select “Do Not Disturb” from a dropdown menu if you don’t want others to ping you.

My favorite screen sharing product remains Yugma, though, and it really goes far beyond screen sharing. Windows, Mac and Linux users can use it for full-blown online meetings, and it integrates with Skype so you can add conversation to your meetings.

If you haven’t gotten into this way of collaborating online, try these applications out. They’re free, and they’re getting more attention all around the world.

What’s your favorite screen sharing or online meeting tool?

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