Where I work a lot now


Home Office 2a

I work here a lot these days.


Mike Cane

James, I’m just concerned that you’re sitting around so much. Think of the exercise discipline an exciting Triffid would instill in you!


Wait. It’s July in Houston? I hope that deck came with an extra large container of antiperspirant!

James Kendrick

Pam, the best device is the Lenovo U110 due to its bright vivid screen. I can use any of the others OK, I just have to crank the brightness up.

Pam T.

James, which of your devices has the best screen for outdoors? I can’t seem to use either of my laptops during the day on the deck because of the sunlight, even with awnings and shades.

Ah, but those summer nights…


Where’s the ocean view? Oh, right, you’re not in Malibu…

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