Strike Really Over: The Office Webisodes Come Back


A new season of webisodes from The Office resumes on this Thursday to keep fans interested over the summer. Given the history of the first series of Office webisodes — The Accountants, which won Emmy and Webby awards — this resumption is worth noting: The series was used as a key example of good and popular content for which Hollywood writers were not being paid, the issue that prompted the three-month-long writers’ strike. The strike ended after the WGA negotiated a deal that gets its members compensated for their online work — and now the webisodes are back in action.

Check out this video from the picket line, where Office writers talk about how they’re upset over not being paid for their original web material. It’s nicely blunt — and very funny.

Yes, NBC is selling ads on the new season of Office webisodes — which detail returning webisode star Brian Baumgartner’s character Kevin’s “unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts.” To be specific, there are already user-unfriendly 30-second prerolls on short previews for the show running on And there are no embeds or mention of the webisodes being posted on Hulu. But as a die-hard Office fan, I’ll probably be tuning in.

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