MSI Wind now shipping


Msiwind_g00Just got word from the folks at MSI that the oft-delayed Wind mini-notebook is now shipping.  You can find the Wind at the following online retailers:,,,,, and  Note that the model being sold now is the Windows XP Home edition with the 3-cell battery.  MSI states that the 6-cell battery and model containing the same will be available in September.




Rian, the 3-cell unit is $500, but doesn’t ship for 3-5 weeks (early- to mid-August). *If* the 6-cell model ships in September, it might be better to wait a few extra weeks.


so i wonder how much the 3-cell unit is, how much the 6-cell battery alone is, and how much the 6-cell unit is?

i would buy a 3-cell unit now & then buy the 6-cell battery when it comes out if there isnt a huge difference in price (really have no need for a 3-cell battery).

John Walker

So, if I purchase the 3 Cell version, can I get a 6 cell battery later? Will it work?


3 cell battery in 10″ portable device = worthless

so basically what i am hearing is no usable units until September. wow they area really blowing it to other companies & probably losing tons of sales too.


Yawn…. First they were releasing on June 16, then June 27, then July 7. Now they aren’t shipping more units until September? They have pretty much fallen out of the EEE killer category based on availability. I think the only reason they made a press release is so that we can go starting bugging the resellers instead of bugging MSI directly. It seems more believable now if they said they wanted to ship 3,000 units in 2008 instead of 300,000 at the rate they are going.


One would expect that the resellers would have been notified prior to the press release and had them ready for sale.

Bad job on MSI.

James Kendrick

The press release just went out so give them a little time to have the offer on their sites. The info about the 6-cell battery being available in September is direct from MSI.


I can’t find it ay any of these places. Dynamism is supposed to get shipment of the 6-cell on the 15th, FWIW.

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