MindMapper Goes USB


ScreenshotWe’ve written several times about portable applications that you can cart around on a USB key. But it’s rare to find a commercial application distributed this way. One new exception to the rule is MindMapper 2008 USB Edition – a completely portable version of this Windows-only mind mapping application, with pricing starting at $149.95.

While web workers will likely opt for one of the online mind mapping alternatives, this method of distribution – with everything including storage and settings on the USB key – is intriguing. I can think of several commercial applications that I use frequently that I’d happily pay for in this format. How about you?


Chuck Frey

I had a chance to preview this product about a month ago, and it’s very cool to be able to use a mind mapping application and store your map files on a tiny, self-contained device like a USB key. The software on the key is immediately recognized by Windows, and creates a virtual drive for storing files as well as loading the full version of MindMapper (not a scaled down copy) into your system tray. This is such a cool idea that I’m a bit surprised that no one has thought of it before. Here’s my writeup about MindMapper USB: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/new-mindmapper-2008-usb-edition-lets-you-take-your-maps-everywhere/


Yes, Just to reiterate both the points above.
1) Freemind has all the features that I want and need.
2) It is easy to package up to take on a USB stick. I even put a Java installation on my stick “just in case”.


Todd Andrews

Been through just about all the mindmapping software and haven’t found a valid reason to pay for one yet.

Chris Crifasi

I have never used MindMapper before but I have been using open source FreeMind for quite some time on my USB key and it works fantastic for all that I use it for. It also appears that development on FM has really taken off.

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