KiGoo, another way to sync Outlook with your Google Calendar


Earlier this year we highlighted Google Calendar Sync, a free tool for keeping appointments in check between Outlook and a Google Calendar. Some folks were less than impressed by the performance and limitations, so perhaps KiGoo is worth a look. I just watched the above video that demonstrates the easy install and usage, but I’m holding off on installing the app due to my life in a browser.

KiGoo appears to offer a full two-way sync for your Outlook and Google calendars, which is especially nice for folks that want Google events on a smartphone: once KiGoo passes your calendar back and forth, you can use ActiveSync to get the events on a Windows Mobile device, for example. KiGoo offers both your Outlook and Google calendars together on a single view or you can peruse your appointments in a side-by-side view as well.



It seems to sync well from Outlook up to Google but I can not get it to bring the Google info down to Outlook.
Any help would be appreciated as it does seem to action the changes quickly and is a useful option if it syncs both ways.


seems to only sync from Google to Outlook. Not from Outlook to Google. that really isn’t syncing. That is downloading.


I am looking around to find some reviews. this is a really great download for me, i am hoping it works well.

Ariel Di Stefano

Dear Gilberto,

Our technology enables us to manipulate multiple calendars, but we decided to release this first beta version without this feature. If users ask for it, we will include in next versions. Regarding MS Outlook 2003, we don’t support yet because we focused our testing in 2007, but internally several of use are using KiGoo with OL 2003 and Vista without significant issues. We will add this support also in the near feature.
Other cool feature that is included is the management of free busy information of your google contacts if their have this information shared.
At last, our technology allows us to add more Google services in the future (like google docs, picasa, etc.). What are your preferences)

Gilberto Padilha

Nice piece of software, but as in most free sync applications, it does not suports multiple Google calendars: according to the user manual, “only brings the Google Calendar set by default, future versions will support
multiple calendars.” … A nice feature is not mentioned in your review is that you can see your Gmail contacts inside Outlook. It’s a shame it only works with Outlook 2007, we’re in my company still stuck with 2003 :-(


I might give this a try, since it syncs back and forth with outlook. I use Google Sync for my Blackberry Curve and this way I can have wireless sync with Outlook and Google. Right now I’m only syncing with Google calendar.

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