Home workers- take a break!

Office_breakWorking from home is something I do a lot and there is one thing I have to make sure I don’t forget to do regularly for my mental health.  Working from home is no different from working in an office in that you need to take regular breaks from the work, even if it’s just to chill for a bit.  I often take a 15 minute break and read a novel or otherwise disengage from the computer for a bit.  It makes a tremendous difference in the flow of the work day and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  The problem with working at home, especially if you work at a computer like I do, is that it usually doesn’t feel like work like it does in an office.  I find that if I don’t take regular little breaks in the work that at the end of the day I find myself mentally wiped out, and that’s not good.  Breaks keep that from happening just like they do for office workers so whatever you do don’t forget to take them.  You’ll thank me for reminding you.


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