Help put Mobile PCs out to sea


Hawaiian_chieftainOne of the coolest parts of being involved with jkOnTheRun is the unexpected things I learn from our readers.  I received an email today that can only be understood if I quote it (name withheld to protect the sender):

I am writing to you because of my personal interest in tall ship sailing and maritime history. You may be aware of the fact that the historical replica brig Lady Washington (appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean as Interceptor) was captained by a Kendrick?

Captain John Kendrick was commander from 1789 to 1794 when the original Lady Washington sailed in the trans-Pacific fur trade from the west coast to China via Hawaii. I wrote about him in my essay, “The Lady Washington at Kushimoto Japan in 1794” that was published in the anthology, “The Early Republic and the Sea” (Brasseys, Inc. 2001).

I thought you might find this proposal from the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport interesting and that you might have a contact to suggest. The seaport operates the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chietain that sail along the west coast from Canada to San Diego and are currently making their way to the TALL SHIPS 2008 Festival in Puget Sound this summer. The program described in the attached would utilize a donated laptop or tablet pc with each watch group of 6 students so four mobile systems are needed.

Because you are well connected in the tablet pc world with many marketing contacts and may be related to the famous Captain John Kendrick I thought there may be contacts you have that would like to see their product on a shakedown cruise on one of these tall ships. I work on the engineering side with prototypes that are too early to reveal and the scope of my real job does not involve marketing. However, I have taken quite a few tablet pcs out for an unofficial sail to see how they operate in both fair skies and stormy seas. If you are interested in this idea Captain Les Bolton at the seaport could arrange for your visit to the ships sometime. You could follow up with an onboard review later this summer or in the fall when the ships return to California. Please see the attached and let me know what you think?

So let’s get these folks some Tablet PCs or notebooks to hit the openseas for such a good cause!  You OEMs and vendors who follow us, dustoff your helping hands and step up to the plate.  Contact me via emailand I’ll tell you how to get in touch directly with these folks.  I’mnot related to Captain John Kendrick as far as I am aware but it’sstill cool.  :)

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Hmmm… would hate to try and read a UMPC/mini laptop on deck of a boat where there is very little shade around. Maybe someone could donate a couple of anti glare screens to as i’m sure they would be very useful. Unfortunatly i don’t have any to hand but i’m sure someone will.

Greg C

Hey Guys,
What are they looking for? I may have a slate that I could donate.

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