Gmail adds remote signout and account access information


Mobile tech often adds additional pitfalls in terms of security. Not that working solely at home is 100% secure, but when you’re out and about or on multiple devices daily, there’s a greater opportunity for some type of security compromises. As a Gmail user, I was thrilled to see a new feature that’s now rolling out. I don’t see it my account, but I’ll be looking for the remote sign out and info to appear soon.

At the bottom of the Gmail interface, users will see info about the last activity on their Gmail account. Clicking the Details link will show IP addresses of all current devices logged into Gmail. Did you stay logged in at that Internet Cafe a few hours ago? No problem: click the "Sign out all other sessions" buttons and you’re good to go! Multiple device owners will appreciate the "Access Type" column as not everyone knows their IP addresses: Google offers info on the connection type so you can determine if you’ve used the account with a computer or phone.

On a related note: if you’re on the run using Gmail, I’d also recommend using ""; note the extra "s", which provides web access over a secure socket.


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