Blackberry Thunder pics leaked


Very few Blackberries have elicited the excited impatience as the Thunder.  Known officially as the Blackberry 9500, the Thunder is the first Blackberry with a full screen (no keypad) like that phone from the other fruit company.  The Thunder is definitely looking to fill the media player needs of the user as the pics indicate that RIM has put a lot of effort into that area.  So basically the Thunder is a fancy touch-screen multimedia phone with one major distinction- it’s a Blackberry! 


(via BlackBerrySYNC)


Aaron J. Walker

I’m with Genghis!

I’ve been a Windows Mobile user for a long time and the Bold is the first phone that is making me SERIOUSLY, PROBABLY switch to a BlackBerry.

James, we know you are a BlackBerry user who switched from WinMo.

You should really think about a longer post about your experience with your ‘Berry with thoughts on the upcoming Bold and Thunder.

Genghis Khent

“Very few Blackberries have elicited the excited impatience as the Thunder.”

If you think CrackBerry users are impatient for the Thunder, you hear the clamor about the Bold.

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