Asus offers $100 rebate on Eee PC 900

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Asuseeepc900Talk about a fast-paced market. We knew that the Eee PC 900 was getting put out to pasture in favor of other models, but now there’s a $100 incentive to clear the shelves. Liliputing notes that ZaReason has the offer and I noticed it earlier this morning on Amazon as well. It’s a dreaded MIR or mail-in rebate, but hey: $100 is a $100! So the deal is that you pay $549.00 out of pocket and end up getting a C-note back for a total net cost of $449.99.

Remember that the 900 model doesn’t run on the new Intel Atom CPU, it’s the venerable ol’ Intel Celeron running at 900 MHz. The eligible model on Amazon comes with 1 GB of RAM and Xandros Linux, so if you want XP, you’ll need to provide a license. You do get a total of 20 GB of SSD storage capacity: broken down into 4 GB and 16 GB. Bear in mind this can cause some challenges with OS updates and application installation, but it’s not a deal-breaker in my book. It looks to me that that rebate form shows four UPCs for the Eee, so I have to wonder: are all four of the permutations & combinations eligbile? There’s black, white, Linux and XP to choose from. The XP model on Amazon still shows as $549.99.

As much as I like my original Eee PC 701, it would be nice to have a larger screen capable of higher resolution… hmm… it would fit the whole web-challenge too… uh oh…

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There is also now an eee PC 900 configuration with a single 16gb SSD. It has a new lower price of $399 for Linux and $459 for Win XP Home. I presume this is really the 20 gb version without the soldered 4gb flash drive…

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