U.S. Takes Top Nod For Mobile Internet Usage: Report

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Contrary to popular opinion, Americans do love the mobile web and use it in spades. The U.S. takes the top nod on mobile internet penetration among subscribers in 16 countries, according to a new report by Nielsen Mobile (PDF). The firm found that 15.6 percent of U.S. wireless subscribers use the internet on their mobile devices. The U.K. follows just behind at 12.9 percent while Italy took the third spot at an 11.9 percent penetration rate.

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Leonard Low

What a ridiculous survey! It left out leading mobile-use countries such as Korea and Japan, and included New Zealand but not Australia (which has a track record of beating the USA in terms of mobile phone/services penetration and usage measured per capita).

Such a large number of oversights hardly makes for a convincing survey; indeed, tis level of carelessness borders on incompetence and is not what I would have expected from a Nielsen survey!

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