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OnMobile To Launch AdRBT; Launching With Airtel?

This just in, OnMobile has announced the deployment of Ad RingBack Tones (AdRBT). The release states it will be launching soon with ‘a leading Indian operator.’ CS had exclusively reported on Airtel launching Ad CRBT (NYSE: BT) and this seems to be two parts of the same story. If that’s the case, OnMobile’s AdRBT platform would be made available to multiple operators with Airtel possibly enjoying a limited period of exclusivity for partnering on the pilot. The rest of the release corroborates the feature list we had mentioned, adding that AdRBT subscribers will receive special discounts and offers from the Operators for participation. Looks like cold hard cash will have to wait.

3 Responses to “OnMobile To Launch AdRBT; Launching With Airtel?”

  1. Rajeev Mehta

    Nothing has happened as per your "You are reading it here first" article on Ad RBT launch on July 8.

    And now you are relating OnMobile with Airtel. Is this a blog or News Site.

    Seems you are desperately trying to prove that your previous article wasn't wrong and that you are trying to bring this OnMobile story.

    What if you are totally wrong?

    Hello Publisher , is there a way to rate the Contributing Writers?