Elite Social Networker Spire Buys London’s Suzanne Files


imageUS lifestyle guide Spire.com, a social networking site for folks whose net worth is $250k or more, is buying London-based Suzanne’s Files, a high-end content site bringing in 55,000 readers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. At the same time, and because the elite can’t be seen networking with the rest of us, Spire.com has raised a rich-looking $9 million first round from Hearst, Trident Capital and TL Ventures. The site calls itself a “social resource”, as it’s designed to help users discover and share information with each other like what the buzz is on Croatia’s Dalmation coast or where you can find a female-friendly golf-course with lessons and full spa treatment. Co-founder and CEO Janet Kraus previously founded Boston-based marketer Circles. Of course, the most well-known elite social networking site is ASmallWorld, which recently said it had $3 million in revenue in 2007. Release.

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