World Time Engine Knows Timezones


ScreenshotWe’ve discussed the hassles of dealing with multiple timezones and distributed web-working teams before. New site World Time Engine (in open beta) tries to bring order to this chaos. At root, it’s a huge database: type in a location (like “Scotland” or “Indianapolis” and it will show you the current time – with choices if your chosen location is ambiguous. But there’s a lot more here as well.

The best feature for web workers is probably the meeting planner – type in a whole set of locations and a proposed time, and it shows you what that time, and other times, works out to across all those locations. They also have a phone interface and a developer API available. You can also purchase their timezone maps for use in your own web site.



This is cool!

The meeting planner is on the home page if you click the tabs next to current time. It really is straight forward.


This site is stupid! is way so much better.

I’ve been looking at WTE for 5 minutes now and still can’t figure out how to determine the time between 2 places (ala meeting planner).

melissa was always difficult to search.

I just typed in my friend’s address in the UK and a clients address in the US and it worked like a charm.

Anything that saves me a few clicks next time I call…bookmarked.

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