TinyApps: Small Is Beautiful

When most of us web workers choose to adopt new software applications, they’re often big, robust programs. However, if you pay attention to small, mission-critical applications too, you can find a lot of really useful gems. One of my favorite sites for trolling for these is TinyApps.org.

At TinyApps, whether you’re looking for small footprint programs that you can stash on a USB key, or just a small application that solves a single problem for you, you’ll often find what you need. Best of all, the site is a directory of freeware and open source applications.

TinyApps categorizes the programs it collects mostly by platform, but also by types of applications. Are you looking for useful utilities for Mac OS X? You can find Mac Internet tools, text tools, wireless utilities and more here. The Mac portion of the site also houses a huge number of useful graphics utilities. Example: InstantShot! is a quick-and-dirty screenshot utility that’s small enough to easily tote on a USB key.

Within TinyApps’ collection of Internet tools you’ll find lots of interesting applets. For example, PicoPhone is a VoIP client with an 88K footprint.

It’s also worthwhile to keep an eye on the blog at TinyApps. It’s not updated daily, but the updates are usually interesting, and I’ve been pointed to several useful applications by this blog. Right now, the blog has an interesting discussion on proposed improvements to Apple’s Airport Firewall. There was also recently an interesting thread on cleaning up HTML, and free utilities for doing so. If you’re willing to consider small utilities that can get unique jobs done, TinyApps is worth paying attention to.

Do you favor any sites for small applications and software utilities?