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Software Updates & New Release Highlights For Week Ending 2007-07-05

I’m trying to get back on track with these posts and, as always, do not hesitate to post your top picks from the previous week in the comments, especially if I missed something major (usually an app that I do not use or did not have time to try since I at least grab and tinker with anything I’ve posted if not regularly use).

  • VirtualHostX – 1.0.11 – A handy little app that lets you configure Apache virtual hosts (Apple-install or “MAMP” stack) via a GUI (as opposed to gnarly config files). Works with 10.4 & 10.5 and provides the ability to backup & restore configs. This update fixes a DocumentRoot bug and includes the author’s new OpenFeedback Cocoa framework which allows for submitting bug reports & feedback from inside apps. Well worth the $7.00 USD if you work with web sites on your Mac.
  • TrailRunner – 1.7v240 – Summer is a great time to kick-start your fitness routine and TrailRunner is a great way to gauge your progress. This update enhances the track merge functionality, enhancements to the Workout History view and weblog publishing features, new compatibility with the Nike+ Sportband (no need for the iPod version) and the ability to integrate with to retrieve workout, goal and competition data. Leopard-only, but free!
  • Bee Docs Timeline – 3D Edition – 2.1.3 – Primarily a bug-fix release to this timeline-designer. Full version cost is $65.00. Leopard-only.
  • Adium X – 1.2.7 – The best, multi-platform chat client for OS X had two updates which, when combined, fixed numerous bugs including ones in XMPP, ICQ and MSN compatibility. 10.4/10.5 & free!
  • TrueCrypt – 6.0 – This awesome security/encryption tool added parallelized encryption/decryption on multi-core processors (operations are now “n” times as fast according to the number of processors or cores). Other enhancements include an improved volume format and the ability to create hidden volumes. 10.4/10.5 & free!
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection – 2.0 – Microsoft finally updates their Mac RDC client with an improved OS X look & feel and a ton of features. 10.4/10.5 and free!
  • MacFuse – 1.7.1 – Mostly bug-fixes to this free tool which allows your Mac to use all sorts of other filesystems. 10.4/10.5
  • Apple Time Capsule & AirPort Base Station – 7.3.2 – If the blinky, yellow light did not coax you into finding out what was going on, note that there is a very slight point update to the firmware on these Apple WLAN devices that fixes issues with poor throughput, the inability to connect to devices, some AirTunes dropout issues, and errors with “double NATting”.
  • Stanza – 10.0 Beta – This is an interesting e-book reader that supports a large number of formats and exporting numerous devices including the iPhone. 10.4/10.5 and beta (check site for pricing)
  • Shatner Facts – 1.0 – For some reason, I couldn’t resist this rather silly little widget. Everything you wanted (or never wanted) to know about William Shatner. If you download this, post your favorite bit of Shatner-trivia in the comments. 10.4/10.5 compatible and (of course) free.